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ElectroBuddy Pro (AdFree)

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ElectroBuddy Pro- AdFree version of Electrobuddy app which got fastest 100 Thousand Downloads in this category.The great collection of most widely used electronics tools under one roof for all electronics students, enthusiasts and industry professionals. The best part of this app is it is add free version of electrobuddy.The goal of this app is to provide you with an easy and smart way to learn all you want about electronics engineering via reference tables, pinouts and formulae. Whether you are a student, hobbyist, or just curious about electronics, this app will provide you with the all information you need helping you to achieve your objectives.It has three main categories namely Calculators, Pinouts and Tables. Calculators:Free version has best 30 calculators in a row to ease out your calculation part along with all necessary formulae/circuits for your reference.1) Resistor Color Code (4 band, 5 band, 6 band with color code to value and value to color code feature)2) Ohm’s Law 3) LED Series Resistor (LED type, Supply voltage and forward current)4) Charge/Energy5) Capacitor Code (code to value and value to code)6) Power (AC and DC)7) Inductor Color Code (color code to value and value to color code feature)8) Power Dissipation9) Inductor Series/Parallel (addition become with this tool)10) Capacitor Series/Parallel (addition become with this tool)11) 555 Timer (Monostable and Bistable Mode)12) Capacitor Units 13) Resistor Series/Parallel (addition become with this tool)14) Reactance calculator (Inductive, capacitive and resonance)15) Voltage Divider 16) Logic Gates (covered all Boolean logic Gates along with easy tip to remember)17) Resistor Ratio (with invert operation feature)18) Wheatstone Bridge value calculator19) Battery Life( with complete life span in day, hours, min)20) Frequency (customization available with some standard wavelengths offered)21) ADC (Resolution, Quantization, ADC value and SQNR)22) Op-Amp (Differential, inverting and non inverting amplifiers)23) Start-Delta Transformation 24) Peak-RMS(Peak, RMS, Peak-Peak)25) Resistor SMD Code26) PCB Trace Width27) Inductor Design Tool28) Adjustable Voltage Regulator29) Decibel 30) FilterPINOUTS:Free version has best 39 PINOUTS Diagram in a row to ease out your pinning need.Electronic Components:1) MOSFET2) Diode (1N4001)3) LED4) Diode (1N4007)5) Capacitor6) Diode (1N4148)7) NPN Transistor (2N2222)8) Piezo Buzzer9) Transistor (BC 548)10) RF Module (433MHz)11) BC 54712) Trim POT13) Relay14) IR LED15) TransformerDisplay Devices:1) 16x2 LCD2) Seven Segment Display3) Graphical LCD
Connectors:1) Serial Port2) VGA 3) Parallel Port4) RCA5) SCART6) EIDE/ATA-SATA7) HDMI8) XLR and DMX9) Display Port10) PS/2-AT11) S-Video12) USB (2.0 Standard, Mini, Micro, USB 3.X)13) DVI(with mini)14) Car Audio ISO15) Ethernet Port16) PDMI17) FireWire18) DC Power(Male and Female)19) MIDI20) Arduino UNO Board(complete pinout with overview, layout, header and features)21) Registered Jack(RJ 48C, RJ 48X, RJ 61)
Tables1) Who am I? ( Get the description, type and packaging of the entered electronic components)2) AWG/SWG Wire Size 3) Electronic Terms (Search Alphabetically)4) 7400 Series 5) LED6) Logic Gates (with Boolean Theorems)7) Ohm’s Law8) POT Code 9) Relay Type10) Circuit Symbols (with categories)11) LED Resistor12) Resistivity13) SI Units14) RF Spectrum15) Standard Capacitors16) Voltage Regulator (78XX Series and LM Series)17) Standard Resistor18) Abbreviations (Latest what you can look for)19) Frequency20) Power/Energy21) Transistor
This is the ad free version of our free app electrobuddy.For all those who wanted to use the add free version of our app here it is.